• Can I still travel to Belgium ?

    No. Until 18 april 2021 non-essential trips in and out of Belgium are prohibited. Only essential travels are allowed (professional reasons, family reasons, humanitarian reasons, study-related travel, everyday life of border municipalities and border regions, care of animals, legal obligations, moving house). Anyone travelling to or from Belgium will be required to carry a sworn statement. 

    If travelling for an essential reason, you must fulfil the following requirements :

    1. You must be in possession of a completed sworn statement. You must carry the sworn statement with you at all times.

    1. Did you stay abroad for more than 48 hours or are you returning to Belgium by air or boat, or by train or bus from a country outside the EU or the Schengen Area? Fill in the Passenger Locator Form at the earliest 48 hours before you arrive in Belgium.

    Based on the answers you give and the colour code of the country you are departing from, the form will work out whether you are regarded as a high-risk contact.

    • Did you receive a text message? If so, you are a high-risk contact. You must quarantine. Get tested on day 1 and day 7 of quarantine. You will receive a code for this by text message.
    • What if you didn’t receive a text message? You do not have to quarantine.
    1. Are you travelling from the United Kingdom, South Africa or South America ? You will need to quarantine for 10 days. Get tested on day 1 and day 7 of quarantine. You will receive a text message.

  • Are the holiday homes and B&Bs open ?

    Yes, it’s almost business as usual but the holiday homes and B&Bs are open.

  • What are the current measures in place ?

    Until at least the 30 April 2021, a household (house with people living under the same roof) can rent out holiday accommodation as long as all guidelines and social distance recommendations are fully respected by all members of the household. These close contact requirements must remain the same for a 6 week period.

    If you fail to respect these rules, you run the risk of paying a fine of €250 per person.

    If you are involved in a “lockdown party”, you run the risk of paying €750 for every person that is present, an additional €4000 for organising the evening as well as a summons to the court of justice.

  • Are the breakfast and guest table still available in the B&Bs ?

    Yes, you can enjoy your meals but only from the comfort of your bedroom. Remember that not every B&B can propose this guest table service. Make sure to ask beforehand.

  • The makeup of my group makes it impossible to fully respect the governmental measures. Can I cancel my reservation ?

    You should directly contact the owner of the holiday residence to process your request or find an alternative solution.