City break

How about a short city break in Wallonia ? Discover Liège, Namur, Charleroi, Mons, Tournai and many other charming towns. These authentic towns await you with all its history.

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A stay in the city is an opportunity for you to enjoy an active holiday and discover lots of key history, great cultural life, festivals, shows, events and more. The nightlife is also very popular here. You have characteristic or modern bars, restaurants for all tastes and all budgets, and you can easily move about here. So come along for an authentic life experience. Take the opportunity to go shopping too! Our cities have all the necessary services in place to satisfy you in this area.

Get into the shoes of a local citizen. Discover the daily life and the cultural richness of one of the best towns in Wallonia.

Between culture, heritage, gastronomy and folklore, there are lots of experiences to enjoy throughout the year.

Wallonia has 5 main cities. Each one has its own history, charm, curiosities and delicacies. However, all these cities equally boast an incredible sense of hospitality.


Liège is a city that moves day and night. Its inhabitants will give you a warm and friendly welcome. 

This city has a mix of renovated historical heritage and contemporary constructions such as the Liège-Guillemins train station, and the work of the famous architect Santiago Calatrava.

Discover the cultural richness of this city through the Museum of Walloon Life (Musée de la Vie Wallonne) and the Grand Curtius. Follow in the footsteps of the famous author of detective novels, Georges Simenon.

Take part in the folklore of the city, especially during the Festivities of August 15 in Outremeuse.

On Sundays, stroll along the banks of the Meuse at the Marché de la Batte, the oldest market in Belgium.


Capital of Wallonia, Namur cultivates its quiet and bourgeois charm. You will discover a web of alleys lined with shops on the banks of the Sambre and Meuse at the foot of a Citadel, witness to 2000 years of history. Let yourself be carried away by the waves and discover the city in a different way aboard a river shuttle, the Namourette.

While strolling in the heart of pedestrian city, you will be able to discover many museums there like the Félicien Rops Museum. The city also has 10 sites that are classified as exceptional heritage of Wallonia: Arsenal, Notre-Dame church and more not to be missed !

Every year in May, do not miss Namur in May, a fairground arts festival where charlatans and other performance artists mingle.

Take in some gourmet pleasure by tasting the famous Wépion strawberries, renowned for their flavor and presentation.

The snail is the symbol of the city and is representative of the time you need to take to discover it.


As a former industrial city, Charleroi has succeeded with a quirky reconversion. Thanks to its rich industrial past, it is a trendy destination. There, you will find the testimony of the industrial past of the city with its chimneys and its slag heaps, comics, street art and alternative culture. Visit the Museum of Photography and the Bois du Cazier that is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


In its past, the city of Mons has welcomed illustrious guests. In 1837, Victor Hugo came here for a little visit. Fifty years later, Paul Verlaine was imprisoned in the city prison. Vincent Van Gogh settled there around 1880.

As a European capital of culture in 2015, it benefits from remarkable architectural heritage such as the Sainte-Waudru collegiate church, a masterpiece of Brabant Gothic architecture, or its belfry that is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Next is an unmissable stage of your visit, the Grand-Place. This tourist epicenter looks great with its restored facades, large terraces and cobbled streets. There is also a wrought iron monkey that brings good luck. Take the opportunity to stroke its head with your left hand.

On the folklore side, you will be served with the Doudou. This great popular festival brings together 80,000 people each year with the highlight of Saint George's fight against the terrible green dragon.


Nicknamed the City of Five Bell towers, you can easily imagine how this city can be seen from afar. As an ancient cloth town, its tapestries have made the city famous throughout Europe. You can discover this fame thanks to the Museum of Tapestry and Fabric Arts.

Among its many attractions, you can admire its Grand-Place that is full of remarkable heritage and small pedestrian streets. You even have the Notre-Dame Cathedral, the most emblematic building of the city that is classified as World Heritage by UNESCO. There is also the Pont des Trous, more Belgian military vestige, the Museum of Fine Arts housing the works of the greatest geniuses (Bruegel, Rubens, Watteau, Monet, ...) and the Notre-Dame de la Rose Hospital, an authentic 19th century pharmacy.

On the folklore side, Tournai is no exception. Each year, the Carnival invades its streets. This great family event brings together all the ingredients of Belgian folklore.

It is clear to see that Tournai is a city where parties, gastronomy and folklore mingle.

You will also find charming towns like Ath, Bastogne, Binche, Bouillon, Chimay, Dinant, Durbuy, Fosses-la-Ville, Huy, Malmedy, La Louvière, La Roche-en-Ardenne, Louvain-la-Neuve, Malmedy, Marche-en-Famenne, Neufchâteau, Nivelles, Rochefort, Saint-Hubert, Spa, Stavelot, Thuin, Vielsalm, Villers-la-Ville and Waterloo. All these places are ideal for recharging your batteries with family or friends. You have such a wide range of cultural, sports and relaxation activities to choose from.