Disabled friendly holidays

As everyone deserves to enjoy their holidays without worries and forget daily stress, Wallonia Holiday Homes Association have developed the Access-i label for accommodation.

Stay in the holiday homes and B&Bs that are adapted to your needs.

A physical or mental disability, even if temporary, should not be a reason to hold back on your freedom of movement and especially to go on holidays. To guarantee accessibility of accommodation of its accommodation, the Wallonia Holiday Homes association is surrounded by reliable partners in terms of building accessibility : Access-i. Every holiday home and B&B with the Access-I certification tells you how well you will be received so that you can make the most of your stay. This offers you the perfect solution for your holidays in optimal conditions for family or friends.

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Thanks to this visual aid, you can quickly identify the level of accessibility of the accommodation according to each specific need.

How to read an Access-i certificate ?


Access-i certification has 7 main types of people with specific needs :

Sans titre.pngWheelchair users

2.pngPeople with walking difficulties

3.pngThe blind

4.pngPeople with sight defects

5.pngThe deaf

6.pngPeople hard of hearing

7.png People with comprehension difficulties

Each level of accessibility is determined by a corresponding colour :

8.png Autonomous access possible

9.png Access possible with frequent help

10.png Accessibility is not satisfactory or no specific setup is available

Consult the Access-i website at www.access-i.be to find the rating of each accommodation in accordance with your personal needs as well as site accessibility, events and activities in Wallonia.