Sepulchres and remembrance travels

Wallonia Holiday Homes association brings you to the heart of a troubled past of Wallonia by bringing together the pleasures of high-quality accommodation and activities that reopen past events that marked Wallonia forever.

Leave on a discovery of places stemmed in history.

Thanks to the Remembrance & Graves stays the First World War, the Second World War with the Battle of the Bulge and the Battle of Waterloo will soon no longer hold any secrets for you ! Immerse yourself in these three major events in history, events which have undeniably left many marks in Wallonia. Whether it be graves to the memory of fighters who died for their country or the major sites of armed conflicts such as the forts, battlefields, martyred villages or heritage that played a role in these episodes in history, such traces of the past bear witness to the violence of these wars and battles.

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If you choose accommodation from Mémoire & Sépultures, you choose :

  • A high-quality accommodation
  • An accommodation
    • Either strongly linked to one of the periods of history by its location or its role (ex. Former emergency homes, former refugee shelter or accommodation situated in a town that endured major collateral damage or destruction of many dwellings
    • or situated near a symbolic place (battle sites, military cemeteries, forts, martyr villages), an interpretation circuit, or a museum based around events
  • Your future hosts share this passion with you through new places, activities and/or relevant events or even recommending you a local guide.
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When you choose a Mémoire & Sépultures stay, you live a memorable and moving experience. Go through the well-known battle fields and honour the heroes who sacrificed everything. Remind yourself of what it would have been like to have experienced armed conflicts that changed history forever.

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