Fishing trip

Delve yourself in full serenity with your favourite sport. Discover our holiday homes and B&Bs found around the key fishing sites.

Reel out your rod in pure calm.

Wallonia and Ardennes regions contain numerous fishing lakes, basins and ponds to feed your fishing passion. From the doorsteps of your holiday home or your bed & breakfast your host will propose at least 3 different foot-accessible sites to choose from. In some cases, you may be accompanied with your host. In other cases, you may even have access to your own private pond.

For your Fishing Trip

You will receive a map for the various fishing sites in the area and a booklet containing useful information such as the closest fish and tackle shops, local rules, competitions, training, etc. This way, you can practice your passion in complete calm.

A shelter to store your equipment as well as a suitable container for your catch of the day are available.

For your Fishing Trip

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