Accommodation detail page

  • What accommodation types do you have available ?

    Our site only offers accommodation that is officially authorized by the regional authorities (“Commissariat Général au Tourisme”). 

    Here are the different official categories  that are present on our site : 

    • Rural holiday home : Tourist accommodation with character that is located in the countryside.
    • City holiday home : Tourist accommodation located in the city.
    • Farmhouse : Tourist accommodation located within or in the immediate vicinity of a working farm.
    • Holiday-furnished lodging : Independent and autonomous tourist accommodation located in the countryside or in the city.
    • Bed and breakfast : Room in the owner's residence, which can be located in the countryside, a village or a town or city. The accommodation that you stay in can have 1 to 5  guest rooms.
    • Farmhouse bed and breakfast : Room in the owner's residence. The house is located within or near a working farm and can have 1 to 5 guest rooms.
    • Unique accommodation : Tourist accommodation with unexpected and unusual characteristics, particularly in terms of its architecture, new adapted use, initial vocation, originality of activities and services, and a unique geographical location.
  • What does the classification in ears or keys correspond with ?

    All our accommodation shows an official ranking based on the different degrees of comfort.

    1 ear or key : Standard comfort

    2 ears or keys : Decent level of comfort

    3 ears or keys : Very nice level of comfort

    4 ears or keys : Excellent or premium comfort

    5 ears or keys : Exceptionnel comfort

  • What does “starting from” prices correspond with ?

    This term gives a rough estimate of the lowest price that a specific accommodation can propose.

  • How can I find out the price of my future stay in advance ?

    The prices that you can see on our site are provided for information only and are not contractual. To know the exact price of your stay, you should directly contact the owner of the accommodation. For lodgings / furnished apartments, the price details will be mentioned in the contract sent by the owner.

    For accommodation that you can book online, the rate is automatically calculated. You can easily find out the exact price of your stay and pay online with your credit card.

  • What does "deposit" mean in the additional costs on the accommodation detail page ?

    The deposit is a sum of money that you pay to the owner to cover any potential damage caused to the accommodation during your stay. It must be paid on the day of your arrival at the very latest and will be refunded to you on the day of your departure or at the latest within 10 working days of your date of departure. This amount is set by the owner.

  • Under additional fees, what does "tourist tax" mean ?

    The tourist tax is a tax set by the local or regional tourist board where the accommodation is located. Its amount varies from one area to another. It can be fixed per night or per night and per person.

  • What does the term "charges" mean ?

    The charges include the water, electricity and heating costs. They are either included in the overall price, fixed (price per night), or calculated according to consumption measured during your stay.

  • How do you consult the availability of accommodation ?

    Each accommodation has an availability calendar. This calendar is updated by the owner.

    In green = dates available

    In red = dates not available