What accommodation types do you have available ?

Our site only offers accommodation that is officially authorized by the regional authorities (“Commissariat Général au Tourisme”). 

Here are the different official categories  that are present on our site : 

  • Rural holiday home : Tourist accommodation with character that is located in the countryside.
  • City holiday home : Tourist accommodation located in the city.
  • Farmhouse : Tourist accommodation located within or in the immediate vicinity of a working farm.
  • Holiday-furnished lodging : Independent and autonomous tourist accommodation located in the countryside or in the city.
  • Bed and breakfast : Room in the owner's residence, which can be located in the countryside, a village or a town or city. The accommodation that you stay in can have 1 to 5  guest rooms.
  • Farmhouse bed and breakfast : Room in the owner's residence. The house is located within or near a working farm and can have 1 to 5 guest rooms.
  • Unique accommodation : Tourist accommodation with unexpected and unusual characteristics, particularly in terms of its architecture, new adapted use, initial vocation, originality of activities and services, and a unique geographical location.