How do I find my accommodation ?

To find a place to stay for your next holidays, you can use the quick search engine on Home or perform an advanced search via the Find an accommodation page.

In any case, specify Where you want to go, the Number of people as well as your Arrival and Departure date. You will see the available accommodation according to the dates you entered. If you have entered a location, you will see your results in geographical order from the closest to the farthest distance from your specified location. 

After that, you can refine your search by selecting the filters of your choice (Online booking, Number of bedrooms, Number of bathrooms, Type of property, Type of stay, facilities, parking, accessibility, etc).

From a computer screen, you will see a list of results associated with a map. This map allows you to locate each accommodation for up to 20 results at the same time. To view other results on other pages, click on the other numbered buttons at the bottom of the page. You can also consult the details of an accommodation by clicking directly on its tag in the map. If you do not want to see the map, click the Hide Map button.